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Regbar also manufactures full length (overall) studs, trapezoid studs, double-edged threaded studs and u-bolts. Regbar studs are manufactured in accordance with ASTM A722-07 and AASHTO M275 standards. Provides an additional 130 degrees anti-roll test when required. Features: Regbar studs are manufactured in accordance with the standards of ASTM A722-07 and AASHTO M275. It can pass 135 ° additional cornering test, if required. The test loading shows Regbar 150 ksi All - Thread- Bars which meets or exceeds the post-stressing rod and rock anchorage criteria determined by the Message Stressing Institution including the dynamic test requirements beyond 500.000 loops.

Regbar manufactures Hexagon-Head bolts, Countersunk head bolts, Allen head bolts, Round Head bolts, Square head bolts, Wheel bolts, Eye bolts, Headless Setscrew screws, T-head bolts, Round head bolts, Heavy-duty bolts, Pre-loading bolts, Bolts without pre-loading, Ribbed iron bolts, Insulator bolts conforming to EN 14399-3 HR Bolts, EN 14399-4 HV Bolts, EN 15048, EN 14399-10 TCB Bolts, DIN 6914, DIN 7991, DIN 912, DIN 912, DIN 931, EN ISO 4014, DIN 933, EN ISO 4017, DIN 960, EN ISO 8765 and DIN 961

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Ground Equipment


Ground Equipment

Anchorage, Self Drilling Rockbolts, Anchor Bolt, Tie Rod – Tie Back, Rock Bolt, Tunnel Support Equipment, Soil Nail, Plates, Pre-Tension, New Generation Anchors…

Construction Technology

Catwalk, Wire Mesh, Fiber Rebar, Steel Concrete Reinforcement, Dowel Bar, Fixing System, Shear Reinforcement, Lifting System, Rebend Connection, Tension Rod…

Rebar Couplers

Barcoup ve Barcoup L, Headcoup, Prescoup, Soscoup, Tapercoup, Weldcoup, Doublecoup, Friccoup, Groutcoup, Transcoup, Poscoup, Fastcoup, Rollcoup Bridgecoup, Cyrocoup

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