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Regbar Ground Equipment

We "build" the future.

As REGBAR family, we have vast knowledge and international experience in the fields of engineering and applications as of 2010. 

In Which Fields Do We Work?

  • Rebar Couplers
  • Construction Technology
  • Ground Equipment
Ground Equipment


Ground Equipment

Anchorage, Self Drilling Rockbolts, Anchor Bolt, Tie Rod – Tie Back, Rock Bolt, Tunnel Support Equipment, Soil Nail, Plates, Pre-Tension, New Generation Anchors…

Construction Technology

Catwalk, Wire Mesh, Fiber Rebar, Steel Concrete Reinforcement, Dowel Bar, Fixing System, Shear Reinforcement, Lifting System, Rebend Connection, Tension Rod…

Rebar Couplers

Barcoup ve Barcoup L, Headcoup, Prescoup, Soscoup, Tapercoup, Weldcoup, Doublecoup, Friccoup, Groutcoup, Transcoup, Poscoup, Fastcoup, Rollcoup Bridgecoup, Cyrocoup


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Headquarters: 90 216 405 21 55 – PBX
Factory: +90 541 932 37 51


Headquarters: Fenerbahçe Mah. Fener Kalamış Cad. No:21/3 Kadıkoy-Istanbul / TURKEY
Factory: Güney mahallesi Nizam sokak No: 13 Körfez - Kocaeli

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